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Bleeding Disorders Managed

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Having a Bleeding Disorder Just Got Easier

Log Treatments


Manage Multiple Profiles


Take and Store Pictures of Bleeds

Order Medications and Supplies


Find a Local HTC


Securely Send Records to Your Doctor and Insurance Providers

We take your health information seriously. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), standards are set to help ensure your health related data is protected. We use secure servers and routinely test for security vulnerabilities to help ensure your data is never compromised.


Creator of HemoTool Speaks at TEDxUMKC

At 19 years old, many of us are enjoying our carefree lives instead of thinking about how to better the lives of others. But Dakota Rosenfelt has already accomplished something bigger—by creating an app to help individuals with bleeding disorders, Dakota has enabled thousands of others to start enjoying their lives, too.

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