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HemoTool is Unlike Any Other Bleeding Disorder App

Hi! My name is Dakota Rosenfelt and I am a 21-year-old with Severe Hemophilia A. Diagnosed at 13 months of age, I have grown up only knowing life with a bleeding disorder. However, I refuse to let that set me back, define who I am, or limit my goals. From an early age, I learned the importance of maintaining a prophylactic schedule, keeping track of bleeds, and knowing when it was time to order more factor; in other words, there is MUCH more to managing a bleeding disorder beyond just self-infusion.

During my high school years, I quickly began to fill my schedule with various activities and events which made time-management all-that-more important. I began thinking of how I could manage both the activities of my daily life along with the various responsibilities which come hand-in-hand with having Hemophilia in an efficient manner. The “lightbulb” moment came once I was approached by my local HTC in Kansas City to take part in an extended half-life factor trial. While participating in the study, I was given a device to track all my treatments and the thing was cumbersome and just plain awful.

Once I started to think of things which would make the device easier to use, I began researching other current technologies and apps which existed and found one thing in common; none of them had the simplistic functionality and ease-of-use I had been looking for. It was at this time that I began my journey of creating a mobile app that was all-encompassing; a “tool” I could fit in my pocket which allowed me to independently manage my hemophilia when it was convenient for me, but also with minimal hassle.

Thus, HemoTool was born!

My work did not end there, I felt there was much more I could do for my community and for the many others worldwide living with chronic medical conditions. To make my mission possible I started a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was created to assist those living with chronic medical conditions in managing their overall health and improving their clinical outcome. I have made it my personal mission to ensure all affected by chronic conditions have one less thing to worry about in life. Nothing speaks to me more than someone overcoming a condition and living life to its fullest. We shouldn’t have to say “I suffer from a chronic condition;” we should be saying ”A chronic condition suffers from me!

Yours in Health,

Dakota Rosenfelt
Creator of HemoTool
President of the Board – Click & Go App Designs, Inc